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On Going Pursuits of Trade Union Leaders Working at Mail Organization

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Report to the General Attorney on Violations of Trade Union

Report to the General Attorney on Violations of Trade Union

Today, 31/5/2012, A group of Union leaders and members of Egyptian Democratic Labour Congress presented a complaint (report no. 1644)  to the General Attorney against the Board of the General Union of Egyptian Workers and the Interim Committee of the administration of the Union demanding rapid investigation regarding what was mentioned in the report of the Auditing Agency issued on 7/9/2011 and on 13/3/2012 which proved serious case of waste and squandering that amounted to ten million pounds for the period of seven years starting 2005 .

The report accuses the  Board of Directors of the dissolved Union and its institutions to have committed grave financial and administrative violations. Moreover, some member illegally confiscated sums of money and established investment companies violating the law No. 35 of 1976 for Unions.

The Central Auditing Agency has expressed its concern and reservation in previous reports concerning spending huge amounts of money on the establishment of such enterprises and granting rewards and money for those running and supervising these establishments.

The report also included the purchasing of luxurious cars that are not needed such as purchasing a Mercedes for the year 2010 for 444,269 pounds when two cars were allotted for him. One is an Opel and the other is Mercedes model of the year 1998 and is worth 302,114.

The report also included facts concerning the Union misusing an amount of money equal to 35.5 million pounds that was allocated to the establishment of workshops, laboratories, premises, etc. Furthermore, it is mentioned in the report that the Union received 4.5 million pounds from the Ministry of Finance. The whole sum for the project amounted to 40 million which should have been transferred to the Workers University to implement its project; however, the Union retained these amounts and deposited them in several bank accounts.

This is in addition to the fact that there were no tenders or bids or offers received but the order was assigned to one of the consulting firms by a direct order.

Moreover, a grant worth 114,400 was paid for the Executive Director of the project who was a member of the dissolved parliament and by this he is violating the law of 138 for the year 1972 that prohibits any parliamentary member to hold any position in the public sector during his membership period.

It was also stated based on the report of the Central Auditing Agency that Mohamed Helal El Sharkawy (Chairman of the General Workers Union Delegation to Attend World Labour Organization in Geneva) obtained grants that amounted to 108,000 pounds and Mostafa Morsy obtained an amount of 877,000 pounds illegally.

The report ,also, stated that Mr. Hosny Saad El Deen, Director of Legal Affairs of the General Union, charges general unions and some professional unions  money in exchange of some consultancy services . This amount summed up to 90,565 pounds. This is in violation of Article 59 of Union Law which prohibits having two jobs in any organization that is involved in observation and supervision for trade unions and any kind of administrative or consulting jobs with or without payment.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. / Hosni and Mr. Saad are members of the delegation of General Workers Union, who is currently in Geneva to attend the ILO Conference. The communicants have accused the Interim Committee of the Department of General Workers Union to cover up upon violations and failure to report the offenses contained in the report by the Central Auditing Agency.



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